Haflinger Show (pre sale rate)

Welcome to the largest horse breed show in the world. With the admission ticket to the International Haflinger show, you select a daily highlight. Here, the unique versatility of Haflinger horses is put to test in an action-packed, entertaining show programme. In addition to dressage, alternative styles of riding such as western riding and side-saddle demonstrations will be presented. Vaulting, floor work on the long reigns and much more are shown as well as a wide variety of show interludes involving driving. The different nations also offer exciting presentations typical for their country. Traditional show images honour the history of the Haflinger spanning 100 years. Your ticket only grants you admission to the world show grounds just before the Int. Haflinger Show. So if you would also like to visit the impressive horse tents with nearly 700 Haflinger horses and foals from around 20 nations as well as the stables of the stud farm, the horse show, the Fohlenhof Arena with the breeding shows, the festival hall with an accompanying culinary and musical programme, we recommend buying the 1-day combo ticket. The Haflinger world show is a very special event that you should take time to see.

Children's tickets are valid for children from 6 - 16 years of age | Children 0 - 5 years: Free admission (identification required) Please note: Dogs may only enter the grounds of the Haflinger World Show on a leash.